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Religious Studies
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Robert Kennedy

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Notes for RLST 110 (61) for Thurs. March.15th/12 1
#6 Notes: Zhuang Zi and Neo-Daoism
I. a) The Dao
-states clearly: Great, Natural, Human
->everything is beyond language
-the Dao is the way to human happiness it is not the way to social engineering
b) Relativity of All Knowledge
-uses several arguments: 1) Time relativizes all through the Dao-ex. there are 2 diff stances
on the Harper gov, so give it 300 yrs. then what do you think/what will you know/what will it
matter how much u know
-aka Doctrine of the Equality of All Things
2) Dream Argument
-we can‟t trust our „awake reasoning or that we have a ligament world to live in
3) i) All of our natural compositions differ-Yin/Yang
->ex. Brink and Myers composition of personalities->often differ
ii) Different compositions generate different perspectives
iii) Different perspectives will lead to different judgements
iv) There are no universal valid judgements-nobody has a “God‟s eye view” of things,
instead we judge from our own perspective, it is natural to have a biased and judge
others b/c we are all human
->quite optimistic about living a good way
-illuminates the “Light of Heaven
->the Hinge of the way (Dao)
->aka there are 2 levels of Truth:
1) False Truth-rationality –ex. “I think that harper is doing a good job”->there is no exact
or wrong answer
2) True Truth-inner experience of the Dao->ineffable ex. as Bicker says, there is no way
to actually describe the smell of coffee in the morning, yet we all know what it is
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