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SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Sociology 214 1 Jan 20th 2012 Housekeeping:  Double spaced  standard font  cite properly - How did we all come to go along with it? – Durkheim - Deviance is only one part of the story, page 2 Images of Deviance o The label doesn’t exist unless its constructed, constructed by those in power - Issues of social typing, and how we type people based on these definitions - Pg. 3 o The losers in the battle - Inner-city youth does not have access to resources that hold the power o You have to look at both sides – lower class deviance vs. upper class deviance Differential association  Edwin Sutherland – University of Chicago 1947  Advanced Chicago School Thinking o Crime o Prostitution o Criminal law o … ect o Mental illness  Edwin explained why some people engaged in deviant and criminal behaviour and others do not  Focused on definitions – defined as normative meanings that are assigned to behaviour o What’s differential associated was not people, but definitions  Most of us are exposed to both kinds of definitions – favorable and unfavorable  Edwin’s main premise is that people learn deviance through social interaction o Through family and peer groups o If your immediate groups is a gang, you will not find it abnormal to commit crimes in order to help the gang survive o Values and beliefs are underneath  Edwin outlines his theory in several components: 1. Criminal behaviour is learned 2. An individual learns criminality and deviance from communication and interaction with others Sociology 214 2 Jan 20th 2012 3. Learning occurs within the individual’s intimate group – family, peers. When we learn
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