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Soc 233 Oct 12

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SOC 233
Kara Somerville

SOC 233 October 12, 2011  Exams were returned! Merton – Structural Functionalism  Attempted to address the limitations of other theorizers. Maintenance of Stability 1. Manifest Functions: Institutions were the functions are open, state, conscious and deliberate functions. 2. Latent Functions: Unconscious or unattended functions of an institution. Merton’s Example – Hoppy Rain Dance  Manifest Function - Traditional ceremonial dance.  Latent Function – Essential for creating a group identity and sentiment; way to unite individuals. Contemporary Examples: Wedding  Manifest Function – To share a support a couple as they unite.  Latent Function – Family reunion; the only time you see relatives. University  Manifest Function – Education.  Latent Function – Relationship broker; learning to live on your own. Reference Group Theory – Hyman (1942) Reference Group(s): Any and all groups that influence the attitudes and behaviour of individuals.  Individuals will compare themselves with references groups which they aspire to become.  How you see yourself is based upon the group to which you compare yourself. Examples:
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