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Sociology 325 January 8 2014 1 House Keeping: Class rules: -- no particular order •No phones/Facebook/internet •No judging, allow others to ask questions •Contributing equally •Come prepared -- do the readings, the assignments •Encourage others to contribute •Don't be late -- if you cannot be on time regularly let the prof know •Bring the text book and a calculator SPSS (re)training -- review before Jan 22nd • •Click on the "SPSS On-Line Training Workshop" o Menu of tutorials and video clips Critical Reading assignment •Done in partners •First one is due Feb 12 •Choose an academic article from your database •Critically analyze it o What is the research question? o Does the article answer the research question to your satisfaction? o What are the assumptions? o What is the sociological significance? •Find a partner o Brief them on the article and what your assessment is o Your partner will write a press statement about what is important about the research o Write a 140 character tweet •Second one due march 12 •Only one person does the article --> next one you will switch ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter Two •Proportion(p) = f/n (frequency/number of group) o n = number of people relying on Food Banks in Canada = 810,000 o f = number of children relying on Food Banks in Canada = 270,000 o p = 270,000/810,000 = 0.3333 = 1
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