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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 360
Darrell Mc Laughlin

Soc 360 th September 18 2012 1 House keeping: commentaries doesn't want what was said in class, but for you to apply what you learned in the classroom think about the concepts and issues, that we've already started to talk about in class, think about their impact and consequences for the lives of people two generations ago Week two: What is globalization? continuation of is globalization new; modern period and its consequences contemporary period globalization as a contests concept debates about globalization overview of the major topics Lecture two: part one The modern period (1500- 1750) Modernity and the 18 th century European Enlightenment (science, rational mode of thought, religious reformation, capitalism, morality, law, and rational social organization; Up until this time, most of how the phenomenon was explained, was from myths and religious beliefs with rational thought also comes rational economy emergence of capitalism Weber and Marx explain the emergence of Capitalism the divine rites of kinds get challenged, democracy process is put forward New technologies Printing press, wind and water mills, postal system (those who have an organized way to communicate with others have a leg up advantage over competitors), and maritime technologies and navigation techniques. Cannot be reduced to technologies sometimes the impact is not the same in all areas (gunpowder in China used for Firework instead of Military devices) behind all technologies are people, people make a choice about what is a good technology; technologies do not create themselves if a technology is good or bad depends on the sponsors of the technology ex: printing press religious establishments: to get the word out of their religion Sth 360 September 18 2012 2 historians/philosophers: to get their works out more widely middle class/merchants: to display what they can do//communicate with one-another political: people want to communicate widely with the population due to the emergence of democracies France and the Americas first Impact of reformation Rise of capitalism (individualism and accumulation) and liberal political ideas of limited government major force behind intensification of global interaction. Very different than what was happening before with the reformation the charging of interest//making a profit// individual goals and successes within business was very much seen as a positive thing shift in consciousness the collective dominated -- the survival of the group was centred on ones behaviour as a result we see different types of politics take place. liberalism within politics democratization within society many different forms rather than a continuum ex in Canada: Student Movement in Quebec in 2012 99% movement that was North American wide initially land owners --> all free men --? 1900's women and slaves gained their freedom (eventually included Aboriginal people as well) Foundations for material accumulation European metropolitan centres and their merchant classes become the capitalist class; Colonization had the most impact rationality of science ... economy ... ect world systems theory: European Countries were able to take the wealth from other places in the world and build themselves up. Used the resources to achieve their individual countries goals Merchant depend on the resources of their governments for the construction of interregional markets. Economy should work with minimal amount of government The state and the emergence of companies 1600s National joint stock companies (Dutch and British East India companies for over sea trading); a way of emancipating large amounts of capital becomes the way of exploiting resources of one area Dutch 1600'sSth 360 September 18 2012 3 Hudsand Bay Company also involved with CPR conflict with North West Trading Company shaped the Geography and Social/Political/Economic structures structured interactions with Aboriginal peoples Establishment of colonial rule protecting national interests; Latin, India ... ect maintained by the entities Whats in the interest of Hudsand Bay is in the interest of Great Britain Atlantic slave trade and forced population transfers to and within the Americas benefits to white immigrants and European countries. Massive movement of people typically from Africa .. ect Anyone who is seen as Other or less than human Slave Trade became a big part of the massive migration with that period of globalization Whites - -even poor Whites benefited from the slave trade we see during this period of globalization very depended on labour and if they couldn't get sufficient labour they would purc
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