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University of Saskatchewan
Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 220
Rachel Loewen Walker

WGST 220 January 13 2014 1 Rainbow coffee hours -- all at Louis Loft at 4:00PM • Jan 21 • Feb 11 • March 11 • April 8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------ Queering the Terrain • Queer o Derived from the Latin TORQUERE - 'to twist' o Odd strange out of place o An insult, a term of abuse o Reclaimed as a positive identification o Umbrella term for various sexualities • Gay and lesbian studies o Comes up different than queer theory o Kind of a precursor o Studying the lives of Gay and Lesbian people • Differences in desire and gender expression • Kinsley -- full scale of sexuality  Including desire and activity  Work was different than Freud • He just studied it • He found that desire was diverse  Kinsley scale • Rather than having homosexuality or heterosexuality it fell on a scale, not polar o Practices of rereading historical texts to reveal Gay and Lesbian themes • At the time of the original document lesbian and gay themes were not seen • Greek pottery -- sexual relations between man and boys  An indication of homosexual activity and an indication of pedophilia  Happened in a strict power dynamic  A complicated terrain -- could have a different level of relations with his sexual partner than is wife  Shows that normative desire has never existed -- the normative idea that we take to be so standard • Always important to NOT take our contemporary readings o Outing known Gay and Lesbian authors, political individuals, and scholars • Contested practice • A way for "forced" positive role models -- outing shows they are everywhere • Being out can be dangerous  Outing is forcing what you think someone is onto them -- not allowing them to claim their own identity • Gay and lesbian activism WGST 220 January 13 2014 2 o Stonewall inn: "birth of the pride parade" • 1969 • Gays and lesbians acted on the offensive • Taking up and occupying space -- safety in numbers  A group feels safer and makes a different statement than one person walking alone • Spawned a gay and lesbian human rights movement • Feminism and the women's movement was a role model, as was African American civil rights movements o Homo-Hike • Tour around downtown Saskatoon to look at the different cites that Gay and Lesbian activism occurred • A chance to see the spaces -- not openly advertised but known underground as being a friendly space • https://www.facebook.com/HHyxe o Queer Activism at the University of Saskatchewan • Documents the history at the UofS • Doug Wilson  Education student looking for other gay individuals to start a support group and was not allowed to get his degree because of that • Feminist theory o In the early gay rights movement lesbians were absent o Lesbians were also excluded from the early women's movement o Why? • Lack of intersectionality • Because it’s a patriarchal culture because they were women o Lavender menace • First used by Betty Friedan -- called Lesbianism  Purple was the color used for lesbians • Challenging the hetero-sexualism of women's movement • Athletics -- don't want out women as to avoid the stereotypes  Consume of female sports = man so if you come out you will lose your supporters • Queer theory o Queer nation - 1990 • In calling ourselves queer we take back a name hat has been used as a weapon against us and turn it into a symbol of our power and our pride" o A critical response to gay and lesbian studies and to feminism o One is not born, but rather becomes, a women • Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex 1949 p. 267 o Womanliness as Masquerade • Joan Riviere 1929 • After giving papers women would take on a stereotypical role o Broadly speaking, queer describes those gestures or analytical models which dramatise incoherences in the allegedly stable relations between chromosomal sex, gender, and sexual desire. Resisting that model of stability -- which claims heterosexuality as its origin, when it is more properly in effects -- queer focuses on mismatches between sex gender and desire (p, 3) WGST 220 January 13 2014 3 • Jogose A 1996 Queer Theory: an introduction • The way we devalue -- product of sexism … ect our societal understandings • The idea that there i
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