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Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 220
Rachel Loewen Walker

March 10 1 WGST 220 Compulsory heterosexuality: The idea the heterosexuality is not just the norm but the default. We're Heterosexual until proven otherwise. • the Heterosexual Questionnaire works on the heteronormativity of heterosexuals • No one has to come out as heterosexual • By call queer marginalized it reflects the norm Compulsory Able-Bodiedness: the idea that able-bodiedness is not just the norm but the default. • "it's hard to deny that something called normalcy exists. The human body is a machine, after all -- one that has evolved functional parts: lungs for breathing, legs for walking, eyes for seeing, ears for hearing, a tongue for speaking and most critically for all the academics concerned, a brain for thinking. This is science, not culture… in a nutshell, you have an able
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