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University of Saskatchewan
Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 311
Donna Darbellay

Bell hooks – “white wash” – talks about theory as a libitory movement – theory is a tool for comprehending situations that affect our everyday life – in childhood she noticed she was theorizing, posing questions – it is not enough to simple make theory – to let it sit on the page, to discuss it but never do anything with it – we don't always arrive at a particular existence due to discussing it, the questions that we pose that might take us to the next place – it is an active zone – can be a public basis – can be an individual basis – where you pose particular questions – can be about any aspect about your individual life you are trying to figure out – relationship between theory and practice – not all white women have privilege – she casts a blanket of sameness – prostitutes, maids, farmers – sexual abuse, child abuse, fear – we need to understand that not everyone is the same – goes from her own childhood – “children might make the best therist” – able to reflect more openly, with more directness – – Horizontal Warfare – Taresa deLuretis – about feminist theory and the different groupings – there is standoffs and we blame each other for our oppression/marginalization instead of stepping back and looking at the larger social conditions – – we should engages with those who are not in the academics field, but are doing theory in the real world – “any theory that cannot be shared in everyday theory cannot be used to educate the pubic' – psychoanalytic theory – many examples in the
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