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Lecture 10

AVIA102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Compass Rose, Coordinated Flight, Turn And Slip IndicatorPremium

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Su Yin Tan

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oMaintain co-ordinated flight
Rapid cross check of turn co-ordinator
oUse landing light to warn others
Other craft
Diversion Procedure
- Circle current position and alternate destination on your map
- Push both feet against rudder pedals to prevent plane from going into a roll
- Plan route HADTO
oHeading (pen on track and carry it nearest compass rose to estimate heading and
correct for wind), Altitude (MEF/ obstacles), Distance (thumb is 5nm, once you have
distance mark halfway point  this is so you can revise ETA), Time (use AS to find time,
account for wind  tailwind and headwind), Octane (fuel needed and how much is on
board  how much you started with subtract by consumption)
oDraw track
oDetermine heading
oEstimate distance, time
- Systems check
- Lean mixture
- Set HI
- Twist (heading)
- Time (ETA)
oHalfway point (see if there is any discrepancy in ETA, if there is revise and inform)
- Turn (departure angle check)
- Thottle (desired cruise speed)
- Talk (contact FSS  check CFS or on map  dependent on where you are )
oPosition report for traffic (126.7)
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