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BIOL 239
Christine Dupont

Set 25 Incomplete DominancewAmong snapdragons A will be either no pigment at all or the pigment its producing cant absorb light All colours are getting reflectedrrwwrwWhen red AA are crossed with white AA plants the resulting F1 are pink AArThis is because only one dose half the dose of red pigment is produced from A resulting in pink offspring that do not resemble either of their parentsthis case is different from dominance and recessive The reason we saw smooth and wrinkled is because we were dealing with an enzyme Here the protein product has no enzymatic function It doesnt take something and convert it to red This is the end If you had only one red allele thats all you need to be red because red would keep getting pumped outthe molecular basis depends on what case youre looking at 7 What is the mode of inheritance of coat colourwe dont know anything about these grey cows are they true breeding Incomplete dominance but we know they have a coloured offspringwbhypothesis both grey cows are heterozygous Grey AA is heterozygous incomplete bbdominance phenotype black is homozygous AAOr grey Gg is heterozygous dominant phenotype simple dominance and recessive The parents are probably heterozygous Single gene two alleles acting dominant and recessive The grey is dominant and the black is recessive The offspring they had ended up getting homozygous recessivegghow can you prove which it iskeep crossing the same cows and look at the ratios of the phenotypesapproximately 121 ratio if its incomplete dominanceyou should get 31 ratio if its simple dominance recessivethat other colour white should not show up if its simple dominant recessive8 What is the mode of inheritance of coat colourif its incomplete dominance a white one will show up because once you have enough cows you can cross them with each other What is the mode of inheritance of coat colour9 what strikes you about this There is a white cowthis disproves the simple case of dominance and recessivethere is a third combinationphenotype which is only seen when alleles act togetherwhat about ratios What youre expecting is to get 121 but you wont get that Its a coin toss when you breed cows so you must have many cows Breed the offspring with each other10 What is the mode of inheritance of coat colour
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