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Lecture 8

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BIOL 442
Christine Dupont

Set 8 Retroviruses strand RNA viruses but genome does not function as mRNA as it does with otherstrand RNA virusesDistinguishing feature is replication strategy RNADNAhost chromosomeRNACary RNAdependent DNA polymerase reverse tramscriptase Features in common with both DNA and RNA polymerasesLike DNA pol needs a primerLike RNA pol has no proofreading Also has DNAdependent DNA polymerase activityOther activities helicaselike activity RNase H activity degrades RNA in RNADNA hybrids4 functions in 1Very diverse family 3 subfamiliesLentivruseseg HIV1 HIV2 SIVs EIAV others Lenti latin for slow Long incubation period that characterizes the disease they causeOncovirusesInclude tumorigenic viruses but not all appear to cause tumors and other nonretroviridae can cause tumorseg Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus Avian Leukemia VirusSpumavirusesCause extreme vacuolization in infected cultured cells bubbly appearance in cytoplasm foamy viruseseg simian foamy virus 1 of primate hunters baboons chimps monkeys are infected zoonosisNone of the foamy viruses have yet been confirmed to cause disease in humans or animals but some are suspectGenomic OrganizationAll Retroviridaehave 2 identical copies of genome carried in capsid associated with each other near 5 endsBecause only one of the genomes is actually integrated retroviruses are referred to as pseudodiploidThey are both used for reverse transcription Experimentally shown that only one genome is requiredAnother unique feature is that even though the RNA isit is coated with nucleocapsid protein asstrand RNA genomes areStructure recallSchematic Representation of Generalized Retrovirus Genome New Section 1 Page 1
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