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Chemical Reactions (Chapter 4) A full summary of chapter 4, chemical reactions, from the general chemistry textbook 10th edition

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CHEM 120
Carey Bissonnette

Chemical Reactions Chemical Reactions and Chemical Equations Types of physical evidence to look forA colour changeFormation of a solid precipitate within a clear solutionEvolution of a gasEvolution or absorption of heat The coefficients required to balance a chemical equations are called stoichiometric coefficientsIf an element occurs in only one compound on each side of the equation try balancing this element firstWhen one of the reactants or products exists as the free element balance this element lastIn some reactions certain groups of atoms remain unchanged In suchcases balance these groups as a unitIt is permissible to use fractional as well as integral numbers as coefficients At times an equation can be balanced most easily by using one or more fractional coefficients and then if desired clearing the fractions by multiplying all coefficients by a common
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