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Lecture 12

CLAS100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Iphigenia, Eileithyia, Virginity

Classical Studies
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Ronald Kroeker

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Artemis (Diana)
CLAS 104
Artimis is subversive where she completely sides with the opposite aspect that
others decide. She hangs out with more females and tends to avoid males. Artemis is
like the odd god out.
A) Concerns
1) Hunting and wild animals
Protects wild animals but also inspires hunters to shoot them
“mistress of the beasts”
2) Childbirth
Along with Hera + Eileithyia
3) Virginity and Young Maidens
In charge of young girls who left their home before marriage
They would go through ceremonies and offers to artemis
The young girl would leave the protection of artemis once she was
married and went under the control of Aphrodite (marriage)
Artemis is the most virginal goddess
She is also goddess of the amazons (not actual virgins but they did
not hang out with men)
4) Moon (Selene)
Artemis was often considered goddess of the moon and Hecate
(witchcraft goddess) which controlled the crossroads
Crossroads was the path towards Hades
She is often called Selene in the heavens, Artemis on earth and
Hecate in the underworld
B) Character
1) Twin
Of Apollo
Both of them are portrayed with a bow (archers) or a quiver and
very intelligent/beautiful
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