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Laura Allan

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EQI and DISC Tuesday, January 22, 2013 8:23 AM History 1800s Darwin - Ability to read emotionsled to man's survival 1905 First formal IQ test 1920s Edward Thorndike - Best mechanic in a factory may fail as a foreman for lack of social "social intelligence" intelligence 1940s David Weschler - David developedan IQ test "non-intellective/affectivefactors" - Essential for predicting ability to succeed in life - Models of intelligence not complete without EQ 1970s Howard Gardner - Include two varieties of personal intelligence (interpersonal and "multiple intelligences" intrapersonal) 1980s KeithBeasley/ReuvenBarOn - BarOn developed EQi we took "emotionalquotient" 1990 Peter Salovey & John Mayer - How is it someone so smart can do sth stupid? "emotionalintelligence" •Presidential candidate having affairs - First used "emotionalintelligence" term 1995 Daniel Goleman Daniel (technical writer for TIMES) was doing research => found Salovey "emotionalintelligence: Why it can and John's report => popularized EQ => lost bit of integrity (academic is matter more than IQ" against it) EQ VS IQ What is EI - An array of non-cognitive (emotionaland social) capabilities, competencies and skills that influence one's ability to succeed in IQ EQ coping with environmental demands and pressures. Book smart Street smart - The ability to perceive emotions, to access and generate -Static measure -Fulfill potential IQ gives you emotions so as to assist thought, to understand emotions and -Born with it -Can be trained emotional meanings, and to reflectivelyregulate emotions in -Stops at 17 ways that promote emotional and intellectual growth. - Emotional intelligence is set of emotional and social skills that - People with highest levels of IQ influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use outperform with average IQ just 20% of the emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. time - People with average IQ outperform those - Naturally increase as you mature and face real life experiences with high IQ 70% of the time - IQ doesn't and can't predict success in life - IQ can predict on average 6% of success in a give job - EQ is not the same as personality Measures of EI - Peter Salovey and John Mayer's MSCEIT - Reuven Bar-On's EQi - First scientifically validated, and most widely used - Daniel Goleman's ECI (competence inventory) - more in corporate environment EQi Model of Emotional Intelligence EQi Model of Emotional Intelligence Importance Human Potential = (IQ + TQ) * EQ IQ = Innate Intelligence TQ = Technical Skills EQ = EmotionalIntelligence - For jobs of all kinds, emotional competencies were twice as prevalent among distinguishing competenciesas were technical skills and purely cognitive abilities combined. - For individuals in leadership positions, 85% Intra-personal - Self awareness & self expression - Self awareness of their competencies were in the EI - Assertiveness- initiative, product, a leader domain. - 71% of hiring managers in US value EI in - Self-regard - knowing and accepting strengths/weaknesses employee more than IQ - recent study of - Self-actualization - able to recognize potential and goals Interpersonal - Social awareness & Interaction 2662 Career Builder - Empathy ○ Ability to remain calm under pressure ○ Ability to resolve conflict effectively - Social responsibility - contributing member in your small group - Interpersonal relationships - ability to develop relationships with people Impact of EI on Human Resources Stress management - EmotionalManagement & Control - More successful hiring - Stress tolerance - Decreased attribution rates - Impulse control - Reduced training costs Adaptability - Change Management - Higher levels of productivity and success - Reality testing - being able to see what it is (instead of what - Greater individual performance you're hoping to it to be) - Better leaders and managers - Flexibility - think of different options - Stronger relationships with employees and - Problem solving customers General mood - Self motivation American Express (Case 1) - Optimism - how positive thinking are you - Purpose - predict key characteristics - Happiness - sense of joy and peace associated with top performance in order to develop selection criteria EI skills of primary importance for flagging possible derailment (lose - Impact - EQi predictive model accounted for track) - if low => danger to leaders 48% of the difference btw high and low EI skills of primary importance in distinguishing successful from performing sales reps = almost half of skill unsuccessful leaders - if high => success to leaders set required for success  Score is not objective ○ Low scores are opportunities  Balance is the key  High scores can give low results DISC - Measures your response to different stimuli United States Air Force (Case 2) - first few to use - Measures you personality EQ test Development - Environment will impact your personality style - Purpose - to determine differences btw successful and unsuccessful recruiters to - Personality factors: increase retention ○ Heredity - personality is set to stone from 5 years old - Impact - developed a pre-employment ○ Role model - influences you screening system = 92% reduction in 1st year ○ Experience - have effects on your personality turnover, $2.7 million in training cost savings Trust Model in 1st year alone, Air Force recruiters twice - Arena - things you know and others know as well - Impact - developed a pre-employment
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