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Lecture 5

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Computer Science
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Michael Godfrey

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Data Lecture 5 January 22, 2013 Arrays, arrays, and vectors in C++  C-style arrays are almost the same in C and C++  Must state max size (extent) up front and must be compile-time constant o Eg: “const int” or explicit positive integer, NOT variable o int A[15]; const int N=15 int B[N]; int M cin>>M; int C[M]; //DOES NOT WORK  In the standard library for C++ 11, there is a library class called “array” o Adds a lot of confusion to dimensions  Using C-style arrays, references to individual elements are unchecked at run-tome o POSSIBLY UNSAFE! o Can write A[i]=A+i  Often have to pass in extent of an array as extra parameter to functions int findMax (vector A) { int max=0; for (int i=0;imax) { max=A[i]; //also; } } return max; } Vector  C++ (and Java and other languages) have library element called “vector” o Safe, generic, dynamically resizeable array o More flexible/safer but possible less efficient o Under the hood, vectors are implemented as arrays plus same magic  Not part of C++ language o Member of C++ STL, which is part of C++ SL  #include  Accessing elements o A[i]  Like an array, unchecked and fast o  Through the “at()” method, checked  If i>=A.size(), then program dies vector monthName(12); //creates 12 element vector using "" as default value vector grades; //creates 0-element vector, but we can make it bigger  Once declared, you can only add elements of specified element type o You can treat them either as fixed size container or variable sized container //Vector as (stable, static-sized) array monthName[0]="Jan"; ... monthName[11]="Dec"; //Typical use: declare with fixed size and just use it //Vector as stack (variable size) vector grades; while (in) { int grade; cin>>grade; grades.push_back(grade); } Stacks vector v; //size=0 v.push_back("hello"); //size=1 v.push_back("world
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