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Lecture 11

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University of Waterloo
Computer Science
CS 138
Michael Godfrey

Data Lecture 11 February 12, 2013 Mid-term Notes  REVIEW UNIX FILE PERMISSIONS  Reference parameters are used on midterm  i=(i+1)%n o Modular arithmetic Comments on Pointers & Defensive Programming  With pointers, it’s easy to make subtle & hard-to-find mistakes that you discover much later in program execution (or not at all)  Friends you need to get to know: o Drawing diagrams o A good debugger o Assertions & print statements & judicious commenting  When diagnostic print statement?  At beginning/end of function call  Just after creating something “now”  Just before deleting something  At major decision point  Any time you do something interesting  When to assert?  Check that logic/assumptions are correct o q.last==NULL if q.first==NULL  Check that “client” is being reasonable o Check queue is non-empty before allowing pop Reference Parameters  C and Java support only call-by-value o I.e. create a copy of calling parameter in the activation record (AR) of the procedure on the run-time stack o Changes made to copies do not percolate back to calling environment  Parameter storage disappears when function call ends and AR is popped off the stack o Can change v
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