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Assignment #1 - Solution Fall 2009

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Computer Science
CS 348
Ihab Ilyas

Question 1: Q1.1: SELECT distinct p.pnum,p.pname,p.dept FROM professor p,class c, schedule s WHERE p.pnum=c.pnum and c.cnum=s.cnum and c.term=s.term and c.section=s.section and’Tuesday’ and c.term NOT IN (SELECT term FROM mark) Q1.2: SELECT count (distinct p.pnum) as Past CS348 Instructors FROM professor p,class c WHERE p.pnum=c.pnum and c.cnum=’CS348’ and c.term IN (SELECT term FROM mark) Q1.3: SELECT co.cnum, co.cname, m.grade FROM enrollment e, mark m, student s, class c, course co WHERE e.snum = s.snum and e.snum = m.snum and e.cnum = m.cnum and e.term = m.term and e.section = m.section and e.cnum = c.cnum and e.term = c.term and e.section = c.section and c.cnum = co.cnum and s.snum = 1224 Q1.4: SELECT S.snum, S.sname, S.year FROM Student S WHERE S.snum NOT IN ( SELECT S2.snum FROM Student S2 JOIN Mark M ON S2.snum = M.snum JOIN Class C ON M.cnum = C.cnum AND M.term = C.term AND M.section = C.section JOIN Professor P ON C.pnum = P.pnum WHERE M.grade < 92 AND P.dept <> ’Philosophy’ ) 1 Q1.5: SELECT distinct pnum,pname,dept FROM professor p1 WHERE p1.pnum NOT IN ( SELECT p.pnum FROM class c, schedule s, professor p WHERE c.pnum=p.pnum and c.cnum=s.cnum and c.term=s.term and c.section=s.section and c.term NOT IN (select term from mark) and (day=’Monday’ or day =’Friday’) ) ORDER BY dept,pname Q1.6: SELECT distinct c.cnum,c.term,c.section, p.pnum,p.pname FROM professor p,class c WHERE p.pnum=c.pnum and c.term IN (select term from mark) Q1.7: WITH EnrollmentCount AS ( SELECT cnum,COUNT(*) CNT FROM ENROLLMENT GROUP BY cnum UNION SELECT c.cnum,0 CNT FROM COURSE C WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM ENROLLMENT E WHERE E.CNUM = C.CNUM) ) SELECT EC1.cnum, EC1.CNT, COUNT (DISTINCT(EC2.CNT)) DENSE RANK FROM EnrollmentCount EC1, EnrollmentCount EC2 WHERE EC1.CNT > EC2.CNT OR (EC1.CNT=EC2.CNT and EC1.cnum = EC2.cnum) GROUP BY EC1.cnum, EC1.CNT HAVING COUNT (DISTINCT(EC2.CNT))<=3 ORDER BY EC1.CNT DESC Q1.8: WITH CurrentEnrollments AS ( SELECT e.snum AS snum, e.cnum AS cnum, e.term AS term, 2 e.section AS section, s.year AS year FROM enrollment e, student s WHERE e.snum = s.snum AND e.term NOT IN ( SELECT DISTINCT m.term from mark m ) ) SELECT p.pnum, p.pname, c.cnum, c.term, c.section, count (*) FROM professor p, CurrentEnrollments e, class c WHERE p.pnum =c.pnum and c.cnum = e.cnum and e.term = c.term AND c.section = e.section and e.year = 2 GROUP BY p.pnum, p.pname, c.cnum, c.section, c.term UNION -->This part ensures all zero counts are also included
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