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Lecture 5

CS100 Lecture 5: Jason and Medea

Computer Science
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Alexandra Boutros

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Jason and Medea
Jason and the Argonauts
o The golden fleece
Nephele and Athamas
2 kids
Helle and Phrixus to Colchis
The 2 children of Nephele and Athamas
After having the two kids, Nephele moved to the sky
So Ino then married Athamas but she did not like the children
Nephele got a flying ram and flew them to Colchis but Helle fell
off and died
o Jason and Pelias
Aeson’s Kingship taken away by Pelias
Jason raised by Chiron
Returned with only one sandal
Saw an old lady and helped her (Hera) across a flooding river
Thus she helped this hero
Was given the prophecy to beware of the one sandaled man
And so he said Jason could have the throne if he could get the
golden fleece
o Voyage of the Argo
Ship made with the help of Athena with wood from Dodona
Oracle of Zeus at Dodona
Wood, oak tree, speak
Originally from generation before Trojan war (Peleus, Naupilius,
Telamon, Meleager, etc.)
Later every great hero (Heracles, Orpheus, Theseus)
Lemnos: Hypsypyle ruled after men were killed
o All women
o Aphrodite made it so the men thought they smelt really bad
and thus the wives killed all their husbands
o Argonauts came to the island and the women were very
eager to see these men
o Jason slept with Hypsypyle
Phineus and the Harpies
o Phineus told the Argonauts that the Harpies were a problem
and so 2 of the Argonauts were the sons of the wind gods
and thus chased away the harpies since they could fly and
pursue/threaten the harpies
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