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Logic Conventions of Essay Writing

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University of Waterloo
Ravi Panwar

Conventions of the Essay: Quick Overview Classical Literary Analytical Oral Reflective Persuasive conventions Purpose To explore an To argue the validity of Inform, Interpret & To persuade, To evaluate or idea an assertion; this means Recommend inspire or motivate consider the that consequences of General Specialized Educated; Specific or General Peers or like Varied Audience People who know your minded individuals subject Tone Tentative, Objective & Scholarly Objective & Logical Serious and Dependent on bias Questioning, emotional. of author. Reflective & Sometimes Reverential to Light humorous Mocking Language Expressive, Formal, Standard Formal with specialized Personal pronouns Personal and Personal & English terms and strongly assessing Rhetorical. rhetorical Structure Fluid & Clearly stated thesis, Clearly stated thesis. Short phrases and Summary of a Analogous. with rigid paragraph Decoding of a Process repetition of singlepersonal event Ideas are defined organization and direct with statistics, exampleidea followed by quotations from a text and contrasts analysis and ramifications. Conventions of the Essay: Quick Overview Structure I want to persuade 1. There is this Idea in 1. Analyzing how 1. Hey y'all, we 1. Personal (Detailed) you about… this text that shows A process A works are here Illustration 1. By X, I & B shows that it is because.. 2. My Personal mean A 2. A appears in the text good (or bad) at 2. We got here Story is 2. I don’t when... doing X by/from connected to a mean Y or Direct Quotation 2. Process A begins 3. We want to larger trend Z This is how A with B go..
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