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Juvenile Delinquency

Ch. 5 - Memos, Emails, Routine Internal Communications Memo: A specially formatted document that is sent to readers within an organization E-mail (electronic mail): messages distributed by a computerized mail service Header: A block of text appearing at the top of a document. Headings: Visual markers constituting of words or short phrases that indicate the parts of a document and signpost its organization Boldface: a thick, black typeface used for emphasis Bullets: visual cues, usually large round dots or squares that set off items in a vertical list of emphasize lines Subject line: indicates the title, topic, or purpose of a document, used to file and retrieve the document; it tells readers what is important about the document Italics: sloping letters used for emphasis or to distinguish foreign words List: a group of three or more logically related items presented consecutively to form a record or aid to memory Chunking: the grouping of items of information together to be remembered as a unit Netiquette: the informal code of conduct governing polite, efficient, and effective use of the internet Spam: an advertising message – electronic junk mail – sent widely and indiscriminately Flaming: the act of sending out an angry e-mail mes
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