GEOG233 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Chemical Free, Solar Air Conditioning, Compost

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GEOG 233 – Lecture 16
“It is not necessary to y kiwis from New Zealand to Europe, when four
litres of kerosene are burned for each kilo of kiwis”
- Ernst von Weizsacker
ONE ight from South Africa to New Zealand can exceed a
passenger’s ‘CO2 budget’ for the year!
$45 is saved in fuel consumption annually for each 500g that is
reduced from an aircraft’s weight on an average ight segment
An unused butter tub or sugar pack may not seem like much, but
for a major airline, it can generate up to 30 times of waste per
Increase standards of tourism operations
At very least – tourists get what’s advertised (reliability,
consistency, comfort)
have to meet some standards to be accredited
GREEN GLOBE 21 is the worldwide benchmarking and certi7cation
program which facilitates sustainable travel and tourism for
consumers, companies and communities.”
…or does it?…
Marketing Alternative Tourism
Surfers Against sewage
Belize ecotourism
Farm stays
Eco tourism everywhere
But do all adhere to eco standards
Business Bene7ts
Improved training
Competitive edge & marketability
Better operating system
Improved reputation
Reduced complaints
Company info (history, facilities, special provisions)
Environmental management & workplace safety
General maintenance
Management responsibility (quality policy)
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