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GER100 Lecture Notes - Axel Springer Se, Rudolf Augstein, Hans Globke

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10 October 2012
Postwar Press in West Germany
Popular culture was a key component of democratization:
Use of mass media
o Press
o Radio
o Television
Many people risked their lives for high culture (e.g. operas, plays, concerts)
Konrad Adenauer
Was the one to help rehabilitate Germany as an ally to others, instead of a potential threat
o Often referred to as “The Father of New Germany” or “Old Man”
However, domestically he was a mixed blessing
o Mistrust of Americanization/“massification”
o Mistrust of mass media
He noticed that mass media, used by the Nazis, can sway people’s opinions
o Hatred of communism
o Rigidly Authoritarian style
Has never lived under a successful democracy
He was adominent about not having any weapons, but the Americans wanted them to be armed
since they found it more efficient to have Germany armed against the Soviets instead of
Hans Globke (1898-1976)
One of Adenauer’s advisors in international matters
1938 he was in a high position in the Nazi army; he was in charge of the emigration of Jews
He explained the instructions on how to used the Nuremberg Laws define who a Jew was
Press Leaders
Many people had to join the “Nazi Press” as a means to get work
Post-war these people were blacklisted from hiring and had to go through a process to which
publishers had sort between who were genuine Nazi supporters and those who had no other
Axel Springer (1912-1985)
o Die Bild-Zeitung (1952)
o Die Welt (1953)
Rudolf Augstein (1923-2002)
o Der Spiegel (1947) modeled after American Times and Life magazines
Constitution of Axel Springer AG
To uphold liberty and law in Germany, a country belonging to the Western family of nations, and
to further the unification of Europe.
To promote reconciliation of Jews and Germans and support the vital rights of the State of
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