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HIST 110
Sebastian Siebel- Achenbach

HIST 110 Byzantium and Islam MON. OCT 15 Decline of Rome Adoption of Christianity? Water pipes were composed of led romans suffered led poison? Main reason of decline  Economy declined; insecurity roads, commerce th  End of 5 century: insufficient funds to support Empire by Emperors  Emperors were lesser leaders o Lacked charisma o Regions began to separate itself from Rome  Rome couldn’t supply resources  Roman armies were a majority not Romans o Mostly foreigners o Loss sense of loyalty  Western empire were prone to invasions  Attila the Hun o Mobile because of use of horse o Warriors  Vandals & Visigoths [west] attacked & sacked Rome o Most of Rome city destroyed by Vandals  Last of Roman emperors in west were dethroned o Ostrogoth’s tribal leader declared himself as Italy’s leader  Senates became meaningless institution  Eastern empire = Byzantium o Romans colonized it and it became Colonistinopole o Urban community lived off trade o Wasn’t strong concentration of wealth o Society influenced by Greek ideals, Greek main language o Basically a Greek Empire o Ownership meant loyalty to state o Army comprised of solider/farmers o Strong leadership exercised BYZANTINE EMPERORS  Saw themselves as living gods SIGNIFIGANT FIGURES  Balisarius + Narses  John of Cappodocia  Triobonia the jurist o Codified the laws, wa
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