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Julia Roberts

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HIST 191 The Printing Press MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2012 1452: The Publishing Revolution reproducing prints, “the printing press”, ORIGINS AND CONTEXT  The printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440  Mainz, Germany  A goldsmith (makes items from gold metal): top artisanal worker at this time New PaperMetal Moveable Lettersoil based inkwine press technologyprinting revolutions IMPACTS BEFORE  Before the printing press; - learning survived in monasteries by illuminated manuscripts - oral traditions survived - priests are semi-literate (important role of record keeping [birthdays, crimes] ) - everything in Latin - only the wealthy could afford expensive books - 98% people illiterate IMPACTS: CAUSES What made the printing press a necessity?  Urbanization (more people moved to city where people gathered and talked and wanted things in language of urban world)  World business models needed consistent documents  Spirit of entrepreneurship learning reading skill which makes you marketable  The renaissance:
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