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Julia Roberts

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HIST 191 NOVEMBER 9, 1989 FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL WED. NOV 28 Situation after WW2  Germany was divided among the allies  Soviets took eastern Germany  Western took western Germany  Soviets took eastern berlin, Americans took western Tensions between soviets and US because of Berlin division  Soviets block roads in East Berlin, so US uses planes  Leads to refugee crisis from East Germany, went through to West Berlin  Hundreds of thousands left East Germany. 1/6 population gone, most in the world.  East German government built wall around West Berlin to prevent crossing. Forced people to support communism. Built on august 13 1961.  Wall goes around the west  Western Berlin becomes a hippie place: wanted to make themselves attractive to live in b/c they had wall surrounding them. Tax incentives. No conscription for army.  Wall stabilizes East Berlin 1970’s in East Germany  Television same with West Germany East Germany achievements  18 weeks paid pregnancy leave  Incomes increased 23%, production is up  2 million new homes. Everybody had a house. rd  Had Olympic success, placed 3 in 1972 & 1976  Builds new parliament “Palace of the Republic”: place of gathering people, in the center of East Berlin.  1974 constitution: declares victory of communism Oil Crisis of 1973  Mortgages went up 18%  Huge line ups at gas stations  Problem for east Germany: as oil prices went up and interest they had tough time
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