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Lecture 4

HLTH 101 Lecture 4: guest speaker The PHD that are involved with CON SNP

Health Studies
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Glenn Ward

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PHD candidate s g u e s t s p e a ker
in vo lved in CON SNP
-nation organiza tion tha t tries to raise a ware of obe s ity ra is e a ware ne s s of con a dvertise me nts
-weight b ia s
two s a llowest of two differe nt s ize d woma n fa t a nd skinny
-which would you de s cribe a nd he a lthy dis cipline , me ssy, ha ppy
-hold s te re otypes
-try to limit bias
bias - judgme nt we make on s ome one based on cha ra cte ristic
s tigm a
lived e xpe rience ; a social s igh that an individua l with the cha racteristic carrier
=dis crimina tion is dis crimina tion the one on the football te am was ca lled fat e xample
mic ro- a ggre s s io n s
more indirect forms of discrimina tion
-common type s include if the y a re on bus a nd go to s it in the s e a t se e pe rs on cringe
-walk in room pers on looks up a nd down
-more cuddle types of dis crimination ca n a dd up
we ig ht lo s s is n o t e a s y
-huma n body re s is t weight los s
-traditional ca lories in ca lorie s out approaches to weight los s are inhe re ntly flawed
obes ity is complicate d
as a s ocie ty, we place a lot o f
emphas is o n s ize
-effe cts weight
-impa ct a ll of the things on this map in
some way in orde r to los e weight
-ca me out 2007
fo rm s o f th is dis crimination
-pe ople can’t cha nge perce ption of weight that it is the ir fa ult tha t the y are ove rwe ight
wo rkplace weight bias m o s t c ommon p la c e
-individua ls who ha ve ove rweight/obe s ity are more likely to
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