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Summary Chart for Hip And Lower Limb Summary chart listing muscles of the hip and lower limb including origin, insertion, innervation and main action.

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KIN 100
Stephen Prentice

Muscles of the Anterior Thigh Flexors of the Hip JointMuscleOriginInsertionInnervationMain ActionPectineusSuperior ramus of pubisPectineal line of femur Femoral nerve L2 L3 Adducts and flexes just inferior to lesser may receive a branch thigh assists with trochanterfrom obturator nervemedial rotation of thighIliopsoas Sides of T12L5 Lesser trochanter of Anterior rami of lumbar Psoas majorvertebrae ad discs femurnerves L1 L2 L3between them transverse processes of all lumbar vertebraeAct conjointly in flexing Psoas minorSides of T12L1 Pectineal line Anterior rami of lumbar thigh at hip joint and in vertebrae and iliopectineal eminence nervesstabilizing this jointintervertebral discvia iliopectineal archiliacusIliac crest iliac fossa Tendon of psoas major Femoral nerveala of sacrum and lesser trochanter and anterior sacroiliac femur distal to itligamentssartoriusAnterior superior iliac Superior part of medial Femoral nerveFlexes abducts and spine and superior part surface of tibialaterally rotates thigh at of notch inferior to ithip joint flexes leg at knee jointMuscles of the Anterior Thigh Extensors of the KneeMuscleOriginInsertionInnervationMain ActionQuadriceps femorisRectus femorisAnterior inferior iliac Via common tendinous Femoral nerveExtend leg at knee joint spine and ilium superior quadriceps tendon and rectus femoris also to acetabulumindependent attachments steadies hip joint and to base of patella helps iliopsoas flex thigh Vastus lateralisGreater trochanter and indirectly via patellar rec fem weak abductor lateral lip of linea aspera Page 1 of 8
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