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Lecture 2

LS 101 Lecture 2: Module 2 - Legal Ethics and the Legal Profession

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Legal Studies
LS 101
Patrick Watson

Module 2: Legal Ethics and the Legal Profession Becoming a Lawyer: To become a lawyer: (1) Possess a law degree from an accredited law school (2) Articling: they must work with a law firm under an apprenticeship (3) Must pass bar admission exams All provinces have a governing body that is controlled by lawyers and has a monopoly over the certification and discipline of the legal profession All Bar Associations belong to Canadian Bar Association (CBA) which produces the CBA Code of Professional Conduct Lawyers must take an oath to fulfill their responsibilities in a good and virtuous manner Can be refused admission to the bar if deemed to be a low character Character based on questions asked on their application forms and relies on applicant being truthful Public Perception of Lawyers Ambivalence: Lovehate relationship between public and lawyers Law profession is a noble and honourable vocation However, can be viewed disgust and contempt by many Lawyers can be tainted for the people they defend such as criminals The Legal Monopoly: Statutory framework that prohibits unauthorized persons from engaging in law This prohibition is to ensure that clients are confident that the person has received appropriate training Law Society of Upper Canada has authority to set standards for paralegals and for their accreditation The Canadian Bar Associations Code of Professional Conduct: The Code establishes specific behaviours and expectations for lawyers and has a mix of prohibitive language Criticisms that the codes are little more than ethical windowdressing and serve mainly to legitimate what lawyers do Aspect of a Lawyers Role: (1) As a representative of clients (2) As an officer of the legal system (3) As a public citizen Rules are quite vague and can be interpreted in many ways and lawyers might act in contradictory ways
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