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University of Waterloo
Legal Studies
LS 101
Frances Chapman

LS101 – Nov.12 12/11/2007 21:04:00 ← ← (con’t from last class) ← ← Prohibitionist – Arguments Against Legislation • Moral – endorsing drugs would send the wrong message o Oppose decriminalization because it would endorse drug use o Decriminalization means it would be taken off the criminal code (however, would still need to pay a fine etc. much like a parking ticket) o Legalization is completely legalizing something so anyone can have access to it • Practical – increase in addicts, health care, family issues, social problems • Not possible to completely enforce the law, but legislation keeps a lid on the problem • Deterrence o No fear of arrest o Discourages an unknown number of persons from experimenting with drugs • Stigma would disappear – more people might want to use drugs • Price would drop significantly and availability would increase • Advertising for drugs • If legalized – more users, availability increase, price decrease, advertising? • More drug crime ← ← Liberalization – Arguments Favour Legalization • Policies are ineffective • Some paradox to what they say – want to decrease the problems associated with drugs by increasing availability i.e. legalizing problematic behaviour • Movement says that we don’t know how people will respond to increased availability and decreased price – we do know that there is added increase in crime, corruption, disease, financial cost, harm done by criminal justice system, racial tension/disparity and the loss of civil liberties from prohibitionists, so might as well try something else • Been increased crime, cost to health care, loss of civil liberties and freedom, racial tension and disparity • A lot of this is due to drug trafficking because under prohibition, drugs are extremely profitable o Taking one dealer off the street – there are many more to replace him o Legal system could never keep up • Filling jails, making more criminals • African Americans make up 12% of American population, but 2/3 of population in prison for drug crimes – hugely disproportionate (true of Hispanics as well) o A tool of the white majority to oppr
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