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Legal Studies
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LS 202
Frances Chapman

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LS 102 REGULATORY OFFENCES FEB 14 INTRODUCTION - S.91 of the Constitution says federal parliament has authority to decide what are crimes - Quasi-criminal offences (more criminal)  Carries a penalty similar of criminal offence, but is subject to less complex court procedures than criminal offences. Ex. Traffic and workplace safety offences - Regulatory offences (more civil)  Regulates conduct in public interest, like securities regulations  Dealt at administrative tribunals and not in court  Impartial bodies ensure governments authority is exercised in fair way  Federal, provincial, territorial  Ontario water resources act TRUE CRIMES - Murder, sexual assault, hardcore criminal matters only dealt in criminal law - Harmful to population - More severe penalties, social stigma, criminal record associated REGULATORY OFFENECES - Control activities that are lawful ex. Driving a car - Protect public from actions of business, industry ABSOULTE LIABLITY - True crimes - crime must prove beyond a reasonable doubt - Regulatory offences – crown just proves actus reus - Pro
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