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Lecture 6

LS 236 Lecture 6: Introduction to the Franks

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Legal Studies
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Dan Hutter

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th Monday5 February2017 Lecture Eight: Introduction to the Franks The Arrival of the Franks The Franks were part of the massive Germanic migrations of the third to fifth centuries First arrived as plunderers Some were invited to join the Roman military 358: Emperor Julian invites the Franks to settle in Belgium and the Netherlands Over the next one hundred years, Rome is busy on the Danube frontier More Franks cross the Rhine and amass under powerful war leaders or chieftains Franks move into northwestern Gaul and settle German becomes the main language, not Latin 451 AD: Franks help Romans defeat Attilas Huns at the Battle of Chalons The Rise of the SalianFranks Franks develop into two major groupings: Salian Franks (more westerly) Ripurian Franks (east of the Rhine) Franks are consolidated under the Merovingian Kings Beginning with the semimythical Merovech Childeric is the first Merovingian king of which we have historical proof Succeeded by his son Clovis I 486: Clovis I defeated the Roman commander, Syagrius, at Soissons, and takes over his land, title, offices, money and army Many Franks move into central France; Many GalloRomans stay Clovis Consolidates Power Clovis makes three clever moves to consolidate his power: 1. Clovis retains the Roman Administrative staff (somewhat in disarray since the last Roman Emperor of the West was deposed) Offered back pay to workers and paid them to continue their jobs 2. Invited (forced) defeated Roman troops to join his army Rather then kill them, kept them on as assets 3. Maintained friendly relations with the Catholic hierarchy Smartly allied with the church so they would back him and encourage subjects to follow his rule Supremacy of the SalianFranks Franks are mostly heathen:
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