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Lecture 8

MUSIC140 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Scale-Invariant Feature Transform, Concept Album, Brian Epstein

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Simon Wood

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June 22, 2017
Test 2 only until The Beach Boys
July 1961: Sutcliffe leaves to become an artist (artists)
McCartney switches to bass.
Sutcliffe dies of a brain hemorrhage in April, 1962
Manager December, 1961 Brian Epstein (music journalist)
Thought they weren’t the best band but saw something in them
Sent demo to every record company in England and got turned down from every single
Decca Dick Lowe did not believe there is any future/interest in guitar based pop
o Gibson guitars almost stopped being made that’s how real this thought was
o Saw the Beatles at a bar and asked who he should pay attention to and then signs
The Rolling Stones
Get rid of the rougher side (will annoy parents) leather and fights and people will love
June, 1962 Parlophone Division of EMI
Signed to a secondary label of EMI in case it didn’t go well
Parlophone famous for comedy records
Producer George Martin (second important connection, also known as the 5th Beatle)
Apparently George Martin did not like Pete Best, thought he wasn’t good enough,
before they recorded he told them to fire him and hire another drummer”
He never admitted this was his idea what emerges was the rest of the band, particularly
John did not like him
o First reason he did not like him was Pete did not do drugs made John very
o Second reason was Pete was better looking and got more girls
Classical musician
Musical genius
New Drummer; Ringo Starr
Did not get off to good start with George either
September, 1962 “Love Me Do”
Not Ringo Starr playing it was a session player
Got enough exposure that they were able to record a second single
January, 1963 “Please Please Me’
Featured Ringo
Became a hit
AABA form
o Children during 40s
o Listened to music of TPA
o Britain’s early pop music = Music Hall
Numerous rehearsed details
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o Little bits of instruments in the song
Change in rhythmic density in vocal
o Double density in B section to make contrast very clear
Highest note at the end of the B section
TPA-style attention to arrangement
November 4, 1963 Royal Variety Performance; London Palladium
26 Million Viewers in England
End of ’63, Beatles are major British stars
All British pop stars crashed and burned when they went to U.S.
“I want to hold your hand” going up in charts = decision to go to U.S.
February, 1964 “The Beatles are coming”
Posters everywhere
Advertised as the new British invasion
Feb 9th Ed Sullivan Show - 70 Million viewers
o Crime in U.S. dropped to 0 during 3-hour period (before, during and after Ed
Sullivan Show)
o Same theatre Stephen Colbert Show is on
Beatles start performing in arenas concerts exist this big because of the Beatles
Tour lasts for two weeks 2 million albums, $2.5 million merchandising
Pop music going where it never has before
Met in England at airport with crowds of people
New York airport when they left was even shut down for a few hours
The Vice President of the U.S. was stuck in the airport
Hysteria known as “Beatlemania”
April, 1964
12 songs in the Billboard top 100 pop:
Including positions 1 to 5
Three weeks in April 60% of all record sales
July, ’64 – “A Hard Day’s Night”
First film
Was a success because they are funny
End of 4th U.S. Tour in ’65 - $65 million dollars
Play at Shea Stadium (baseball game) never done before
Pioneer modern stadium concert
Importance Template for what is to follow
Writing and singing your own songs
Self-contained band
Playing your own instrument
Use of electric guitar
Mersey Beat (name of sound of the early Beatles): Gerry and the Pacemakers, the Searchers, The
Swinging Blue Jeans
July, 1965 Their second film: Help
The Monkeys American TV show, version of the Beatles
“Yesterday” (from the album, “Help”)
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