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Peace and Conflict Studies
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PACS 203
Marlene Epp

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Week1,January4&6-Introduction:Whatisapeacemovement? Factorsinsocietythatincreasedmovementsgrowinthe20thcentury? • Technology-We now know whats constantly going on in other parts of the world as its happening. ex- 911, Haiti. - more aware of suffering around the world. • Level of destruction- Mass global destruction- more people have been drawn into peace movement against particular weapons. Peace movement grew after people saw massive destruction from War. • Growth of Democracy- People have the opportunity of pressuring the government against war- More Citizen involvement. • Number of civilian killed in War. WhatisaPeacemovement? • A peace movement is an organization, action/response, individual philosophy that sets to replace diverse forms of violence especially war, with slots of social justice reconciliation. • Group of people that get together and solve major issues concerning human rights increase pacifism ,non violence and tolerance. • Collective non violent movement against any form of violence. Actions: lobby, Get attention and help through the media, Petition. strikes, organization, actions, individual philosophy. WhataresomeoftheAims? • Ending/ resolving conflict, wars, between nations and btw communities. • Anti oppression, ex-against oppressive systems, governments. • Establishing human rights. ex- Amnesty international. • Tolerance, equality, reconciliation. ex btw Middle East. • Compromise/ balance. • Against weaponry. • holistic peace. • Against military conscription. • Movements of remembrance - building peace by remembering those who died at war. WhatIdeologiesdoyouassociatewithpeacemovements? • Pacifism/Pacifist- personal and social philosophy that seeks to replace any forms of violence especially war. Connects majority to religion. • Religious Pacifism - connected to religion identity. • Feminism- Women directed to peace movements for women’s rights. • Pro democracy- anti dictatorship. • Socialism- equal opportunities. • Anarchism - No controlled government, they resist government rules , regulations. ex G20 Activists. People a-vacating same issues with different tactics. • Environmentalism - being concerned about the environment/ climate change- peace with the planet. • Gay rights movements, Civil rights movements. Tactics-whatdopeacemovementsdotoapproachthereagenda? • Non- Cooperation- ex Ghandi non cooperated with British rule. • Education • Media- increase notion of internet activism. ex-After War in Iraq started in 2002, there was a global internet campaign for anti raq war, Rallies mass demonstrations in 800 cities around the world on the same day. 6 to 10 million people attended, it was considered largest in recent history rally- all made possible because of Internet. • Demonstrations/ parades/ strikes/ boycott/ Sabotage/ Fasting/ Civil Disobedience/ immigration/ celeb activists/ Shock tactics- self mutilation as declaration of peace. SymbolsofPeace. • Peace sign- Created in 1958 by Gerald Holton, was to subject WW2 in Britain- Anti nuclear movement in 1960s. Now symbolic of peace, It was brought to the Usa by Bayard Rustin who was the organizer of Martin Luther famous march, worked with him, saw the symbol and brought it to the USA. • Anarchism sign is an A in a circle- also associated with peace symbol. • The dove- related to religion, - Flood ends and Noah goes to the arch, A dove came with a olive branch- its a religious symbol that demonstrated the flood being over and a reestablishment of peace. • Olive branch- Ancient Olympics ppl were rewarded with olive branch on there head, olive branch was hard to grow, rare, If a farmer lived to see his tree grow he would live a long and peaceful life. • Victory peace sign by head- • Paper crane- Young girl got leukemia from atomic bombing, she wanted to make a 1000 cranes to make a wish to get better- but died before she completed. Small human action that has taken on bigger meaning- know paper crane folding has taken on japan annually to remember death of lost ones. Week2,Jan11&13th,Earlypeaceideas&movements Lysistratais a Fictional peace movement written in ancient Greece. by Aristophanes , 411 BCE . Lysistrata- female heroin. • They with hold sex from the men of Greece until they stop fighting- holding sex as a peace action in history. • Make love not war theme become a slogan in 1960s- anti vietnam war movement. • 2003 March- lysistratic plays in 66 countries around the war- • 2003 campaign in USA for Lora bush to withstand sex from George bush against the War in Iraq. • 2006 campaign in Colombia -women cross lagged campaign to stop violence. • 2009 Kenya- Women of Kenya called for a sex drive that lasted a week, Prostitutes were also payed to be apart of it. 46% of the women in Kenya participated in this. • Liberia 2003 Mass movement used this method. OlympicGamespeacemovement-began8thcenturyBCEinGreece. • held every 4 year, 3 month period where there was a legalized truth that all nations cant be at war with each other- all athletes can travel with out any threats. • Also 3month period of no capital punishment. • Lasted 1100 years. Can also be a conflict between nations- ex 11 athletes from Israel were killed by Palestine extremist group.( Google date) • 1968 africanMetal winers who protested for the civil rights movement at the olympics and were banned for life. • Soviet Union boycott olympics in 1979 • 1980s was significant for countries boycotting the olympics. • 2008 olympics russian athlete and Georgian were in intense conflict at the time. • Truths- A lot of patriotism After ancient world most of peace movement have come from religious background, It was a time where peace movements were found in religious beliefs. Spiritually orientated peace movements. • St Francis of Assisi 1181 1226 said to have had a revelation of god ( estafirala) , created peace order, tries to bring muslims together with Catholics and bring the violence of crusades to an ends. • prayer • Poverty- He gave up all his possessions/ live with the minimum of food and clothing- some say he died of starvation because of poor eating. • most recently the environmental movement have been drawn from his movements. • A Year after 911 there was a major gathering of international religious figures - who came together to discuss peace- Symbol of peace. FamousprayerofStfrancisofAssisi Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy; O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be un
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