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Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 320
Matthew Bailey- Dick

Class 5 Notes 1 Most of the internal organs in a python expand by 40 within 24 hours of eating They eat once every few months a Why is this fascinating 2 The wingspan of an eagle is six feet when the eagle is flying away from the sun but three feet when flying toward the sun a Why is this Because it uses one wing to cover his eyes joke i Why is this funny 3 Oscar Romeros speech 1980s a Roy Bourgeos broadcasting the words of Oscar Romero i InspiringWhy these three togetherPrime ourselves to understand why something is what it is Generate wonderBeing critical of reactions what generates this response For class to what extent does one need o be Christian to find this inspiringOn the Exam Study SheetMiddle Axiom Example of middle axioms between Christians and nonChristiansDismantling Genesis 1 dismantling chaos Exodus dismantling slavery Jeremiah 31 dismantling covenant new covenant written on the heart Galatians 3 dismantling old law the division between
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