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Political Science
PSCI 100
Marie Armstrong

• Mosaic Law was more concerned with punishing a deliberate action than an accident 613 laws of 3 types a) Moral code b) Social code c) Ceremonial code 3) Greek Law • First form of democracy was in Greece • Not democracy as we know it • Small percentage of the Athenian people had political rights • Athenian citizenship excluded women, children, aliens and slaves • Citizen involvement was an important principle – citizens were expected to vote and to serve on juries • Jury system can be traced to Athens in approximately 400 BCE • Enormous juries • If a person was found guilty, both the accused and accuser would suggest a sentence, jury would then vote 4) Roman Law • Laws were codified in the Twelve Tables • Written on wood and bronze in 450 BCE and placed in the forum so that everyone could know the law • This code determined the law of England during the Roman occupation • Promoted the public prosecution of crimes • Enacted a system of victim compensation • Protected the lower class from abuse by the ruling class • Women were not mentioned at all since they had no status as “persons” • Practice of having an adviser who specialized in the law first became prevalent during Roman times • By 100 CE the laws were complex • People with expertise in the law were needed to advise those who did not – forerunners of lawyers • Around 1088CE Irnerius, an Italian teacher of law, set up the first law school in Bologna, Italy Key points about Roman law • Considered to be the foundation of modern law • Practice of having an adviser who specialized in the law first became prevalent during Roman times 5) Justinian’s Code • Over time Roman law became even more complex • Emperor Justinian I decided to reform and clarify the law • By 529 CE the code was complete • Inspired the modern concept of justice
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