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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Democracy GREAT NOTE ON DEMOCRACY!!!

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Political Science
PSCI 110
Jingjing Huo

Feb 10Lecture 3DemocracyDEFINING DEMOCRACY Exercise your power through the publicParticipationCompetitionFreedom LibertyORIGINS OF LIBERAL DEMOCRACY Direct democracy AthensIndirect democracyDelegationSeparation of PowerRepublicanism Rule by lawIn contrast to kingdomMAGNA CARTA Kings rights curbed by legislatureKing was obliged to consultPeople given due process Legal RightsState autonomy becomes limitedWHY ENGLAND Early unificationissue of statehood solvedIslandA smaller armyPort taxesNo heavy tax extraction by the stateA strong but not to coercive statePARTICIPATION IN DEMOCRACY1Indirect representative democracy Firstpastthepost Proportional Representation2 Direct DemocracyFIRSTPASTTHEPOST Singlemember district Geographically closer votes which deem more successfulCandidate with plurality of votes winsCompetition between individual candidatesBiased against minor partiesWasted Vote Only 1 candidate can be elected from each district if you lose you lose all your votesThe reward for winning of bigger parties and loss for minor party is exaggeratedYou have to win more seats rather than the actual votes
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