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Multiculturalism is a Canadian contribution to ethnic relations 1988?
Australia studied the Canada experience and then adopted the same policy \
There has been a back lash against multiculturalism
A good example is The Netherlands
There's been a lot of immigration and they would encourage them to keep their cultures
now people say they are losing a sense of what dutch society is because these immigrates don't
join Dutch culture
For the essay you can use MLA
Class 2
Identities Ethnic, racial, religious, gender, regional, occupation
The term Nation can be used to in different ways
is refers not to political units but a group of people that belong together because they share
common charaterships such as language, a common history, a common set of customs, and traditions.
The difference between ethic group is: the members of a nation have, or try to acquire, their
own autonomous or independent territory
An ethnic group consists of people who share a distinctive and enduring collective (group)
identity based on shared experiences and contain cultural traits. They may define themselves, and may
be defined by others, in terms of any or all of the following traits: lifestyle, religious, beliefs, language,
physical appearance, region of residence, traditional occupations, and history of conquest and
repression by culturally different peoples.”
There is an objective component (things we see, goes to a polish church, polish dances, polish
There is a subjective component. You see yourselves as being part of that group. A polish family
adopt someone from another country. They would be considered part of the polish group even though
they are not part of the polish ethnic background.
There is over lap
Canadian is an overarching identity, not an ethnic identity
like the soviet union, its an overarching identity but people also have ethnic identity
Ethnicity is natural and have always existed
Its like a big large famliy, sharing a common bloodline
process of tribe, to ethnic group to nation, in a natural process
The process is not entirely natural
there is some circumstances that mus tbe their
Ethnicity becomes a tool that is often used and manipulated by leaders to achieve their goals
Ethical entrepreneurs
Are people who want to use Ethnicity for their own ends
Charismatic leaders are like this
these leaders can often make small grievances and make is something must more significant
Newfie nationalism example
has a somewhat distinct identity
has a distinct history (became a province in 1949)
unique food (seal food, shreech)
unique folklore
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