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Lecture 12

Psychopathology and Unipolar Depression - Lecture 12 These are the lecture notes for the very last lecture. Very detailed and thorough. Total of 7 pages :)

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University of Waterloo
Richard Ennis

Lecture 12 Psychopathology and Unipolar DepressionOutlineIntro to PsychopathologyModels of abnormalityMajor classifications of mental disorders DSMUnipolar DepressionDiagnosis and symptomologyThe Medical ModelFour possible causesTreatmentThe Psychodynamic ModelCauses and treatmentThe CognitiveBehavioural ModelCognitive mechanisms of depressionTreatmentsThe Humanistic ModelClientcentred and existential therapiesThe SocioCultural ModelGroup and family therapiesCommunity psychologyClinical depression has been called the common cold of psychopathologyIt affects at least 10 of the population at some point in their livesSchizophrenia however is far less common affecting 17Models of Abnormality1Medical behaviour is symptomatic of physiological abnormality2Psychodynamic behaviour is symptomatic of unresolved intrapsychic conflict3Behavioural behaviour is maladaptive responding due to faulty learning not symptomatic of underlying pathology treat the behaviour itself4Cognitive behaviour is symptomatic of faulty thinking or beliefs about self and the world5Humanistic behaviour is symptomatic of inability to fulfill human needs and capabilities6SocioCultural behaviour is symptomatic of dysfunctional environments such as family society or cultureThe perspectives do not necessarily contradict each other rather they seem to borrow ideas from one anotherThe DSM the diagnostic statistical manualthoNow in its 4 edition calledDSMIVoSought to bring the abnormality models together to agree on symptomology and in turn helps to diagnoseoDisorder classifications includeDisorders first diagnosed in infancy childhood and adolescence
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