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Lecture 17

PSYCH 211: Lecture 17 Notes

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University of Waterloo
Mathieu Le Corre

1 Postconventional level at first we are interacting mainly with people that have more authority than us then later they begin to interact with peerspeople of similar authority kids go from thinking what determines a goodbad action by thinking of how you might be punished to thinking what other people will think whether you will fit in or notits about belonging to a group punishment is no longer being grounded but being austrisized then develops to thinking whether an action makes sense to them not about belonging to a group anymore st1 stage movement from thinking about concrete punishment or groups to reasoning nd2 stage military mindset rd3 stage start to question things realize different groups have different values maybe there isnt any universal moral principle maybe the best we can do is have a procedure for resolving conflicts2 Postconventional level stage 5 social contract orientation stage 6 universal ethical principles Kohlberg progression we go from very concrete what happens to me to thinking of the group to reason3 SUMMARY TABLE4 stages over time in teen years 1014 years dominant pattern of reasoning is stage 2 instrumental orientation affect on themselves and some stage 3 1424 years stage 3 is dominant pattern of reasoning 2436 years stage 4 starts to become more prominent almost everyone goes through the stages 1 by 1 they dont skip stages
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