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PSYCH 211: Lecture 21 Notes

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Mathieu Le Corre

2. -temperament – babies’ personalities 3. Reactivity and Behavioural Inhibition -the highly reactive babies (to the stimulus) tend to grow up into shy kids -the relax/chill kids grow up into more outgoing/extroverted kids -for some kids, the threshold of stimulus is very low (reactive kids jump at small stimulus) -for some kids, the threshold of stimulus is very high (kids do not react so much to same stimulus) -the highly reactive babies are overwhelmed by stimulus more often -we like being close to the threshold (not above, and not too far below) -it’s not black or white (not just a high and low threshold, but a spectrum for different people) -very rare to see people who were very reactive as babies to be very chill later on -has little to do with parenting at a young age -make a child more reactive by putting them in a more unstable environment 9. Complete lack of care has massive effects - MOVIE! (Child of our Time – Youtube)  5 dimensions to adult personality: o Openness – creativity o Conscientiousness – how we plan/work o Extroversion – outgoing o Agreeableness – how we get along with others o Neuroticism – how we experience negative emotions (fear, guilt, sadness)  Extraversion o more likely in people who experience traumatic effects o more likely in people who live in single-parent homes o Craves excitement; making them risk takers o Friendships are more “easy-come-easy-go”  Introversion o Introverts aren’t always shy o They can be good at making friends, they just don’t need that many  Introverts are more sensitive to stimulation (even with a small stimulus of a lemon drop, i
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