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CHAPTER 9 Psych 211

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Chris Burris

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CHAPTER 9 ? PRETENDING/ PRETEND PLAY  Two senses of “PRETEND”  Three things happen in pretend play o Object substitution o Imaginary object o Pretend properties  Surprising o If you know very little (children), you should focus on acquiring information. Instead of learning how to tie shoes, children will pretend that the shoe is a teddy bear o Avoid mis-learning. Parents pretend with their children which causes mis-learning. o Sophisticated double ‘Knowledge’ – dual representation (the chicken-serial, rock-sponge and snoopy studies – children all have difficulties)  Then they will just pretend instead  Piaget o Pretense starts at 18-24 months (sensorimotor sub-stage 6) o He called it (pretend play) symbolic play o Why? o Basic theory: assimilation-gone-wild Early research in production - Children are very good at pretending that an egg is a cup Imitation Studies e.g.: Experimenter demonstrates putting doll to bed Asks child to do same, but with..  Chi
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