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Mathieu Le Corre

Lecture 21THMAR272013PERSONALITYWhat makes us who we are our parents peers or genesThe BIG FIVE Personality TraitsResearchers believe that personality consists of the interplay of 5 independent traitsoIndependent means Can be very high on some and low on othersThe 5 traits are known as the Big FiveResearchers believe that there are no other traits debated1ExtraversionSkilled in play humorFacially gesturally expressiveBehaves assertively Gregarious 2AgreeablenessSympathetic considerateCompassionate vs antagonisticCooperativetrust others vs suspicious3ConscientiousnessDependable responsibleAble to delay gratificationNot selfindulgentBehaves ethically4NeuroticismThinskinnedConcerned with adequacyFluctuating moods5OpennessintellectWide range of interestsIntrospectiveValues intellectual mattersAesthetically reactiveWhat to look for in the docIs someall of our personality traits set in stone from infancy onOr does the environment we grow up in change usDo we see evidence of the same personality trait in multiple different situationsChild of Our TimeExtraversionsocial interactions HighExtrovert LowIntrovertAgreeablenesshow well we read others Highmore caring Lowless caringNeuroticismhow well we react to anxiety Highhigher anxietyif you are good at something anxiety can help you do better in the task Lowlower anxietyConscientiousnesshow well we do thingsfollow rules Highhard working Lownot so hard workingOpennesscuriosity imagination creative thinking Highvery creative Lownot creativeSome personalities are stable but others arent based on documentaryStableextraversion neuroticism conscientiousnessUnstableAgreeableness opennessWhyoInteractions between environment and genes
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