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Lecture 18

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University of Waterloo
Mathieu Le Corre

Lecture 18THMAR202013INTELLIGENCEIntelligent if achieve goals in efficient waySo depends on goalIf goal is survival and reproduction all of us are highly intelligent because we haveoSystem for keeping track of objectsoSystem for making sense of each others behaviouroSystem for learning and using languageoEtcWe can do a lot of stuffSolve spatial problems physical problems biological problems predict and affect peoples behaviour learn and memorize facts perceive categorize things choose best of many possible plans multitaskmanage time and createCan our skill at all these things be reduced to a single number and measured with a testWhat should go in the testIs intelligence however measured geneticWhat should go in the testsPsychophysical tests Galton SpearmanoHighest perceivable pitchoWeight discriminationoSensitivity to smellsoWorking memory capacityoSpeed of processingAbstract reasoning BinetoWord puzzlesMy neighbour has been receiving strange visitors He has received in turn a doctor a lawyer and then a priest What is taking placeoAnalysis of spatial patternsWechsler Intelligence ScaleMost commonly used testDeveloped by David Wechsler a student of SpearmansDivides intelligence into two scales verbalperformanceVerbal ExamplesInformationHow many nickels are in a quarterVocabularyWhat is a treatySimilaritiesHow are a mountain and river alikeArithmeticIf 4 friends divided 48 cookies equally how many would each on getWISC Performance Items What is missing Make a story by putting the pictures in order
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