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Psychology and the Legal System

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John Rempel

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Psych 230 – Lecture One Psychology and the Legal System The Legal System as a social process - We are social creatures; our capacity to survive and become dominate relies on our ability to work together - Developed empathy, ways of interacting that allow us to cooperate - We also have the capacity to take advantage, neglect, dehumanize others - Maximize prosocial cooperation and minimize antisocial competition o Putting our needs infront of others o Idea of forming larger groups but creating more contests therefore requiring more rules (family level, national level, etc.) o Rules and structure to limit/minimize war and destruction - Two systems o Rules o Enforcement and sanctions - Need to understand: o How people think, feel, and behave o How people relate to each other - Rules don’t have primary value on fairness - How are we best able to work and live together? Interdisciplinary Understanding of the Legal System - Many disciplines contribute to the understanding - Common to many concrete topics o Health system, human sexuality, family relationships o Requiring different perspectives - Sub-disciplines within psychology (neuro psych, social, clinical, etc.) Major Divisions with Psychology - Roles: understanding/intervention - Goals: gather information/promote change Understanding Intervention Gather Information Basic Research Testing and Assessment Promote Change Applied Research Treatment Psychological and Legal Perspectives LAW - Precedent – rely on pa
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