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Gabriele Niccoli

PSYCH 230 NOV 18 Does RJ(restorative justice) work?  Recent reviews with meta analyses of RJ show: o Greater satisfaction with the process for both offenders and victims o Greater offender compliance o Lower rates of recidivism  Successful implementations of RJ involve internal changes in the offender: o Feelings of acceptance and respect o More personal responsibility o Fair treatment Interpersonal Processes and RJ  Whole legal system is here to help us to work together cooperatively  The example of trust  Trust defined: the level of confidence people have that another person will be concerned for their welfare and act in ways that promote their best interests(Rempel, 2003)  how confident are you in something someone is going to do  making a prediction about future behavior  sense of security, confidence  what is the other person’s motive towards me o trust is foundational for a relationship development o trust being ground zero o if you don’t trust someone, things wont go very far o a “filter” through which events are interpreted o critical for relationship repair  if focus of restoring some sort of connection, if you are going to rebuild, need to get back to foundation of trust o victimization is a betrayal of trust  wont trust person who victimized you  may also see people differently in general  losing trust in humanity o offenders will likely not trust their victims  revenge, hurt, anger  mutual distrust between victim and offender o rj emphasized relation person to person interaction  very structured procedures  creating a context of safety Rebuilding Trust in the Elmira Case  offender anonymity o leads to disposi
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