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Targets of Prejudice - March 6 2013.docx

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University of Waterloo
Hilary B Bergsieker

PSYCH253- March 6, 2013 Minimal Group Paradigm (SIT) - Divide participants into novel, trivial groups o Overestimators vs. underestimators o Klee vs. Kandinsky - Task: give $ to ingroup and ougroup members - Results: We distribute more rewards to ingroup vs. outgroup - Doesn’t take much to create ingroup favoritism Realistic Group Conflict - Prejudice arises when groups compete for the same limited resources - Robbers Cave Experiment o Ingroup formation  Eagles and Rattlers o Friction phase  Competition for scarce resources - Outgroup hostility and negativity o Name calling o Stereotype outgroup as more negative (sneaky, stinkers), ingroup as more positive (brave, friendly) - Resolved by cooperation toward overarching goal Motivated Stereotype Activation - Ps answered interpersonal skills questions - Told that a manager in another room was listening - Watched manager evaluate them over a video feed - IVS: Manager’s Race (white vs. black), Feedback (+/-) - Stereotype activation - Complete of word fragments (CR _ _ _, _ _ AP) - White Waterloo being evaluated negative feedback, thinking black people don’t really know what they’re talking about hence they don’t feel so bad for it but for white manager their negative feeling is higher Stereotype Threat& Academics - Black and White Ps - IV: Salience of Racial Stereotype about intelligence - Study1 o Diagnostic of ability (threat) o Nondiagnostic (control) - Study2 o Indicate race (threat) o No race question (control) - DV: test performance on a challenging verbal test - Did worse when asked about race, or threat Stereotype Threat and Conversations - When P prepared for discussion with 2 others - IV: Partners’ race o Both white vs. black - IV: topic o Racial Profiling vs. Love - IV: Goals o Learning goals vs. none - DV: Seating distance from partners - Results: White distanced selves more if discussing racial profiling with Blacks, Learning goals reduce this distancing from Blacks Stereotype Threat: Mediators - Cognitive: Effort& Attention o Performance expectancies lowered? No. o Less Effort? Some evidence, but not much o Distraction? Yes, thought intrusions impose load - Affective: Anxiety, arousal, & vigilance o Consciously anxious? Self report data mixed o Physiologically aroused? Yes, elevated blood pressure o Increased stress? Yes, undermines
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