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Lecture 1

PSYCH 257 Lecture 1: Case study

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Carolyn Wilson

1 Case study #3: Serious Leisure Nupur Sehrawat 20525508 2 1.) The Saskatchewan rough riders are one of the more famous teams of the CFL. This football team is originally from Saskatchewan and is the 3rd most popular team. The riders have a dedicated fan base across the country and these fans like to call themselves “riders”. Even though most people in Saskatchewan are fans of the team, there are also some people who do not know much. One way to reach out to fans in the area is to use promotional strategies such as endorsing and informing the community. This program idea can be used to draw new fans into the rider nation. To begin with, the province should take initiative and advertise the future games of the teams, by using the help of radio, newspaper and social media. Using all three platforms ensures that we reach all different age groups within the community. The older generation in the province tends to read newspapers whereas the younger generation is more inclined towards social media. The city should also put up posters around the city and near the stadium to inform new fans of the upcoming games. This will help spread awareness to the people who perhaps may not know who the team is. Further along, in order to draw in new fans, we need to start with the youngest people of the population. The younger population of the province can be reached to create a new loyal fan base. There are various strategies that can be used to educate the younger population about the team. To start the process of presenting the sports teams to kids, they should be introduced in an environment that they are excited to be in. The city, or public schools, could organize public fares or carnivals in which the kids and their parents will have a chance to interact with sports teams and also the members of the 3 teams. This will create an connection between the kids and the sports team, but it will also get the parents informed and involved. One program strategy to reinforce the commitment of reestablished fans is to create a sense of belonging with the team. The promoters and franchises could have contests in which they give away free tickets to the show. We could also create new and dynamic merchandise for the teams. There should be clothes, accessories, equipment etc. that could be sold at the venues in order to keep fans attached to the team (Wendkos, 13). Secondly, the franchises should create community events that will help keep the fans in touch, which promotes interaction between the supporters. Another element of this program could be to involve the players of the team and also the important people of the cities. This will help promote a positive image of the team and help establish a stronger connection to the state team. 2.) In his article Wendkos mentions “When fans identify highly with a team-related social group, they demonstrate more loyalty to the group and immerse themselves in the group’s culture” (Wendkos, 13). This statement clearly exemplifies the fact that fans are very loyal to their team, and they tend to take on the behaviors and attitudes of their sports teams. The first strategy to implement would be to talk to both the teams and ask them to show mutual respect to each other. Fans tend to typically act in the same manner their favorite team does (Wendkos, 13). Fighting and vandalism has been a major issue when it comes people attending these games. Fights can lead to chaos and can cause a injuries to a lot of people. To avoid fights and vandalism caused by rowdy fans, there are some strategies that can be put into place to help everything function properly. 4 To begin with, the security and the police force need to be told their responsibilities and duties. There should be added security in places where the fans of two teams may clash. This will help ease out any prob
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