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Lecture 7

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Jiahua Chen

Bolwby’s Attachment Theory • The Infant’s Ties to its Mother o Mother as “secure base” — exploratory behavior o Mother as “safe haven” — proximity-seeking • The Attachment System o An evolved, goal-directed, behavioral system o i.e., a “mommy-stat” or “proximity-stat” • Working Models o Internal representations of infants’ early experiences of parental support or parental neglect • Attachment system o emotional, social links; children link with primary caregiver (mom) o Use mom as secure base to explore; as long as she is around, they are encouraged to explore (secure based behaviour) o If too far from mom—enfant will return to mom to ensure safety  Evolutionary adaptation where if infant feels stress, then mother feels stress designates a safe, proper and acceptable distance.  More dangerous and threatening the environment = closer proximity to mom o Working: children building expectations  internal representation of whether or not you will receive care or support if requested Ainsworth’s Strange Situation • Separation anxiety – separation from mother = upset child • Stranger anxiety – presence of stranger = upset child 1. Infant explores. 2. Introduction of a stranger. 3. Parent leaves infant with stranger — first separation. 4. Parent returns, stranger leaves quietly — first reunion. 5. Parent leaves infant alone in the room — second separation. 6. Stranger returns, ini
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