PSYCH230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Peaceful Coexistence, Human Genome Project

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7 Aug 2016
Values and Law Wednesday, Sept 23, 2015
Values and core motives
Schwartz (1992) values theory as a foundation for identifying core motives
Values: trans-situational goals that vary in importance and serve as guiding principles-
equivalent to human genome project. Found 63 values that we as human beings share.
Developed using a bottom-up process
A lot of prosocial values, and a lot of values to do with responding to people in your in group,
your community, people around you
Four dimensions: conservation, self-enhancing, self-transcendent, open to change.
Core idea behind conservation is you keep things protected and safe and familiar- my world, my
environments- consistent. Avoidance is avoiding that that is potentially dangerous, threats,
harmful, focus on protection when necessary. All organisms are interested in obtaining and
acquiring that which promote well-being, what’s beneficial
The idea of something going wrong is more threatening than the idea of something going right-
Liberal thinking/people are more open to change, focused on promotion rather than prevention.
Willing to take the risk of getting something good even if things could good badly wrong. Change
is something they embrace
Other dimension: interacting with other people for their benefit. Moral, morality is a social
construct, a meaningless concept if you’re not working with other people. The things in the
dimension are not inherently immoral. Values aren’t immoral, it’s when they take precedence
that they become immoral. How these things are ordered, their priority makes a huge
When one set of values is pitted against the other people will argue, some things matter more
to some people and not to others.
Values in the Law
Canada uses a “common-law” system- the courts interpret statutes according to precedent
There are systems in place to allow for correction and change
Charter of rights and freedoms 1982- right not obligation
Values in Tension
We are trying to balance, have it both ways if we can
Conservation- openness to change
Peaceful coexistence until they’ve come into conflict
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