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Lecture 13

Lecture #13 - Finance in the Not-for-profit Sector Typed Filled in notes for lecture 13 - unit 2 - Finance in the Not-for-profit Sector - The prof gives lecture notes with blanks which needs to be filled during the lecture, I have provided a filled in le

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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 101
Troy Glover

Finance in the Not-for-profit Sector REC 101 October 22, 2010 Three Sources of Revenue 1. Government support or public sector support  Grants, contracts, and reimbursements for services to eligible third parties form all level of governments o Accounts for 51% (over half IMPORTANT ) of revenue in the Not-for-profit sector in Canada o Account for 39% ( after excluding IMPORTANT ) if you exclude hospitals and colleges 2. Fees Income  Earned income from private payments for services, membership dues, service charges, and investment income o Accounts for 39% of revenue in the not-for-profit sector in Canada o Accounts for 48% if you exclude hospitals and colleges 3. Philanthropy  Synonymous for “charitable giving”  Includes individual giving, foundation giving , and corporate giving o Accounts for 9% of revenue in the not-for-profit sector in Canada o Accounts for 12% if you exclude hospitals and colleges Revenue in NPS ( know the highest , and the different after excluding ) Source Culture REC All Exclude UNI. COL. HOSP Government support 13% 18% 51% 39% Fee income 46% 63% 39% 48% Philanthropy 41% 19% 9% 12% Note: an important skill is to make sure that the NPS gets income , a way of doing that is writing IMPORTANT: fee income is the highest source in REC and not uni. Col. Hosp. Top reasons for giving 1- Feeling compassion toward people in need 2- To help a cause in which one believes 3- To make a contribution to the community 4- To fulfill social, religious, or philosophical convictions 5- To create a memorial to an individual or family 6- Tax advantages Note: - Recreation is not about recreation, it is for solving social problems - Few people give a lot , 80/20 rule Why fundraising is important  For NFP orgs with assists over $1.000,000 Over 50% of their revenue comes from contribution  Bigger organization are still important Persuading Donors An agency must convince donors that:  They are ; and  their donations will be Building trust is paramount! Tax Advantages: Individual Donors  Receive a federal tax credit equal to 17% of the first $200 donated to a charity (or qualified done) in a taxation year  Then they
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